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Dry Skin Relief

CeramedxNo matter where you live, the new year has brought with it a rude awakening: Hello, winter skin! With a record-breaking cold outbreak across the United States at the start of January (Even snow in Florida?!), the fight against dry, rough skin is in full Arctic force.

If you have damaged, dry skin, there could be a reduction in its level of ceramides, or fatty acids that help keep the skin barrier resilient. Reduced ceramide levels can make retaining moisture difficult, which is why we’ve begun to include them in some of our products. We even developed a new therapeutic skincare system now available for very dry, sensitive skin: Ceramedx®. Dermatologist recommended and formulated with plant-based ingredients, it’s the first natural ceramide therapy of its kind!

Try these ceramide-rich solutions for the most common winter skin problems, as well as other tips to bring the moisture back to your life:

1. Itchy, Tight Skin

While a steamy shower in the dead of winter might feel amazing, prolonged exposure to hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and dry it out even more. Try adjusting the knob to lukewarm, which will also keep you from lingering longer than necessary. Don’t skip body lotion—and make sure to apply it directly after bathing for maximum hydration. Ceramedx® Restoring Body Lotion absorbs cleanly, leaving skin soft and without any greasy residue. For dry body or face patches, use a sulfate-free creamy cleanser like Ceramedx® Extra Gentle Cleanser.

2. Staticky Hair

Could there be anything more annoying? First, revitalize your hair with a ceramide shampoo. Formulated for multiple hair types, our Ceramide Care® Collection repairs the hair cuticle, restoring moisture from within for softer, smoother hair. Also try incorporating a nourishing masque like our Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Masque, even as your daily conditioner. Don’t knock the humidifier, either. Staticky hair happens when your strands pick up an electrical charge from the dry air. A humidifier will add moisture to the air for your locks, and your skin will love it, too.

3. Hard, Cracked Heels

If your heels are sensitive to the touch or sticking to your socks, it’s time to give them some attention. Before bed, massage a thick moisturizing cream into your heels—even better if it includes ceramides, like Ceramedx® Ultra Moisturizing Cream. For best results, pull on a pair of cozy socks to lock in moisture and leave them on overnight. Repeat for a few nights in a row or until heels soften!

4. Flaky Face

Yikes! The key to banishing dry facial skin is incorporating a gentle exfoliant and a rich moisturizer into your regimen. Try our Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub, light enough for daily use, and switch out your oil-free facial lotion for a heavier one like our Hydrating Day Cream for a smooth, luminous finish.

5. Dry, Chapped Hands

Our hands work so hard for us. The best way to care for them is by always having a bottle of hand cream within reach—at the office, by your bed and in your bag. Our Purfection® Hand Cream also comes in a 2-oz. size, perfect for on-the-go skin softening. Slather on hand cream after washing hands, and don’t forget to keep a pair of gloves in your coat pockets to protect hands from the elements!

For a whole-body approach, make sure to hydrate from within. Even though we don’t sweat as much during the winter, we still lose a substantial amount of water daily. At a minimum, make sure to drink at least eight cups per day to keep your body operating at its best.

The holiday season can be full of excitement and celebration, but also be a source of stress. Bustling about during the next few months, sometimes with less sleep and more to do than usual, can leave skin tired, dull and dry.

In addition to backing away from that extra cup o’ joe in the morning, and drinking water after evening holiday get-togethers, there are simple steps that can be taken in order to keep skin glowing throughout the holiday season.

A popular product to put to great use during the season is our Apricot Intensive Night Cream. This rich and creamy formula is our most emollient remedy to dry skin. Try a little dab as eye cream, or around the mouth (smile lines) to soften dry skin that can quickly lead to wrinkles if not moisturized properly.ES Apricot Night Cream

Speaking of moisture, it’s easy to forget about the hands (and feet!), both of which can suffer during the colder seasons. Our Purfection Hand Cream can rescue these overexposed areas – yes, even the feet! It’s made to soothe and soften stressed skin and contains a subtle, uplifting citrus fragrance.

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And don’t forget, the best way to make sure your skin is absorbing the most moisture possible is to regularly exfoliate! Grab the Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub a few times a week to easily keep skin clean, clear and prepared to receive maximum moisture benefits.

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Cheers to the holidays and healthy, soft skin!