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Dark Spot Treatment

ginsium C blog image 1000pxI was recently asked about one of our lesser-known products, Ginsium-C (full name, Active Age Defense Ginsium-C Skin Lightening Cream). Where does the name “Ginsium-C” come from? Does this cream really work? Ginsium-C happens to be one of my personal favorites, so of course I was eager to share this information. Now, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Ginsium-C is a play on words that uses a clever combination of some of the active ingredients in the formula: ginseng and, more importantly, vitamin C. Ginseng soothes and firms the skin while vitamin C helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots. There are a couple different types of vitamin C in this formula, ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Both help to inhibit the production of melanin (too much melanin causes dark spots), work as anti-oxidants and may promote the synthesis of collagen in the skin. Ginsium-C also contains the key ingredient licorice root extract, which can soothe sensitive skin and add additional skin brightening and lightening benefits.

Ginsium-C is actually a very unique product, in that it can be used on the face, hands, arms or other area that has dark spots in need of lightening. Because it does not contain bleach, it works gradually to improve the skin. Follow these tips to get the best results when using this cream:

1.         Apply twice a day.

If you wash and tone your face, apply Ginsium-C directly after. Apply morning and evening before bed.

2.         Apply directly to skin.

You may apply another cream on top of Ginsium-C if needed, but not underneath.

3.         Always use sun protection with this product.

Ginsium-C works by blocking the new production of melanin, so the existing (dark spots) must be lost in the normal 28-day cycle of skin cell turnover. Make sure to wear a hat, appropriate clothing and sunblock to protect the skin and enjoy the results of this excellent product.

It turns out there is quite a bit in this product’s name!