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Crafted entirely from natural oils and essences, Sarabecca is a triumph in the art of perfumery, and all the more captivating because it is a true product of nature.


I would like to tell you about my new creation, Sarabecca. In my work with natural fragrances for Earth Science, I became intrigued with the idea of creating a truly exceptional, sophisticated, rich and complex natural perfume. Making an all-natural perfume every bit as sophisticated and intriguing as the best prestige fragrances on the market proved to be a bigger challenge than I had originally imagined, but I persevered, and after nearly 4 years of effort and countless variations, I finally created two blends that live up to my original vision.  I named the brand Sarabecca, after my two daughters, Sara and Rebecca. Sophisticated, complex and harmoniously balanced, Sarabecca comes in two distinctly beautiful scents.

Night an alluring blend of vetivert, patchouli and amber with highlights of lemon, bergamot, sage and ginger.

Day exquisitely fresh white floral blend with subtle notes of jasmine, tuberose and muguet. Delicate, charming, pure and romantic.


Sarabecca is an all-natural perfume made from two types of fragrance materials, essential oils and natural fragrance essences.  The essential oils include ginger, lemon, bergamot, lavender, vetivert and patchouli to name a few.  However, these are not all of the notes one experiences. Other notes such as melon, cyclamen, cut leaves and muguet have been created using natural fragrance materials. There are literally hundreds of materials that we use to create these natural fragrance essences including rose petals, pine tar, coffee, orange peel, and an array of flowers, herbs, spices and woods. From these source materials we isolate, extract or distil individual fragrance notes that are then combined with other notes to create the desired finished product.  This unique technology allows us to create a complex and sophisticated natural perfume unlike any other.


Most of us have only known synthetic perfumes, so natural perfume might seem a bit foreign at first.  It may surprise you, but it will almost certainly delight you.  Here are some of the things you might notice.

Strength – Natural oils are subtler than synthetics.  They are not as powerful and pungent.  Therefore, the finished perfume is softer and less intrusive.  This is actually an advantage because there are so many perfumes that you would not wear in a mixed setting (work, for example) where there is a chance someone might object.  Natural perfume is less invasive, and therefore is more practical in such settings.

Duration & Variation – In a natural perfume, each oil in the blend will dissipate at a different rate.  Part of the art and challenge in creating a wonderful natural perfume is knowing this and working with the oils to create something that stays magnificent throughout its wearable life (dry down).  While the character of the fragrance will change subtly from the time you first apply it until it is no longer noticeable, it will remain pleasant and enjoyable.  Natural perfume will fade faster than synthetics, so you almost certainly will apply it more frequently, but, again, there are advantages to having a perfume that won’t stick to you all day and all night.

Vintage – Natural perfume comes from a blend of essential oils.  These oils may differ slightly from year to year, as any natural crop will.  Therefore, like a great wine, the complexion of the fragrance may change slightly from batch to batch (vintage).  Like the winemaker works with the grapes grown in each vintage, the perfumer will make slight adjustment in the blend to get the best blend possible from each year’s crop of oils.

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