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Meet the Clarifying Facial Wash from Earth Science. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, it’s incredibly mild, yet still incredibly effective at removing oil, bacteria and residue that can cause breakouts. Your skin never feels dry or stressed after using the Clarifying Facial Wash.

The addition of hyaluronic acid helps to make this facial wash particularly effective in making your skin look and feel younger, but you know, in a balanced, naturally glowing kind of way. There are no overpowering odors or chemical scents that make you feel like you’re trapped inside of a perfume bottle.

The Clarifying Facial Wash is gentle enough to use morning and night and doesn’t leave your skin feeling slimy or sticky like a lot of those so-called acne washes on the market. Quite the contrary. Your skin actually feels smoother, even if you’re still working through an acne breakout. And it helps the skin to heal quicker too, with less redness and scarring. It’s a mild wash you can use daily, without the risk of over-drying your skin and causing more breakouts—and definitely without the fuss.

Ring in the new year!  Introducing 145 Intelligent Skincare for Men.  145 is a smart new way for men to take care of their looks with a minimum of time and effort. These all-natural, super-clean products offer real benefits that help keep you looking your best – head to toe – in just a few simple steps.  Stay tuned for more details.

Ceramide 2in for BlogWhen featured a story on our Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion by Dr. Jessica Wu, we were more than excited.  We couldn’t wait to share the article by our favorite hollywood dermatologist.  What did she have to say?

I recently bought a pair of shorts — for the first time in years — so I’ve been going through a lot of body lotion. Because smooth skin reflects more light, keeping your legs well moisturized will not only tame the flaking of dry skin but also help your legs look more luminous and toned. Here are some of my new favorite lotions (and a soufflé):

If you prefer products with natural ingredients and wish to avoid parabens, try Earth Science Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion, which contains plant ceramides (natural fatty acids), shea butter, and hemp oil. Ceramides help hold on to moisture and form a protective barrier on your skin. I put this on in the morning, and my arms and legs still felt soft and moisturized at the end of the day. It’s also fragrance free, for those of you with sensitive skin.

Read the full article:

Jessica Wu, M.D., is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. In addition to taking care of patients in her private practice in Los Angeles, she conducts clinical trials on the latest cosmetic treatments and teaches at USC Medical School, where she’s Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology. She’s obsessed with beauty products and has made it her mission to help you stay healthy and beautiful.

Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion now available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets and

Our best-selling, original, Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub is a winner!  Better Nutrition Magazine gives it award-winning glory in the Skin category.

Scrub away and exfoliate.  Leaves skin softer and smoother.  Cleans without drying for luminous skin!

ES Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub BofB

We were recently asked about some product options that would be effective at brightening or lightening skin complexion. Our Active Age Defense Cellagen Renewal Serum is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to brighten their skin and minimize visible dark spots! Licorice root extract soothes mature skin and reduces the appearance of skin discoloration while powerful vitamin C brightens and aids in evening out skin tone. Many people know our Cellagen for its toning and firming properties but we wanted to share how it can perform in more ways than one!

With the updated packaging, we have also updated the formula.  One of our top-sellers for many years, we have modernized and improved upon Azulene Eye Cream’s unique blend of ingredients.  More gentle ingredients have replaced many of the older ones, and we’ve added “Acquacell,” a natural complex containing watermelon, lentil and apple in an optimized delivery system which reduces fine lines and increased moisture to the delicate skin.  The beautiful deep blue azulene is still present with its effective anti-irritant and soothing results.  Still our favorite remedy for under-eye puffiness and dark circles.


A proud sponsor of, Earth Science is dedicated to supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the fight against climate change by supporting climate-friendly projects.

Check out our beautiful new packaging!

If you thought nothing could make your dry, rough hands soft, you haven’t tried the new Earth Science Purfection Hand Cream. This rich cream uses shea butter, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba, avocado and evening primrose oils to pamper and soothe rough, chapped hands and cuticles. The cream is also enriched with anti-aging ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and green tea extract. Unlike most heavy hand creams, Purfection Hand Cream absorbs completely within a minute, leaving your hands hydrated and soft, but never greasy.

If you are going to a special event where you’ll be shaking people’s hands, and you want incredibly soft hands, try this trick: use the Earth Science Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub as a hand scrub! Wet your hands and massage the scrub into your hands, making sure to scrub each finger and the tops of hands. Rinse the scrub with warm water, pat dry, and apply the Purfection Hand Cream. By exfoliating your hands first, you remove rough dead skin cells and enable the cream to better penetrate the skin. I love to use the scrub and hand cream before bed; I always wake up with soft hands and hydrated cuticles.

Purfection Hand Cream contains only the safest natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about what you are putting on your body. Like all Earth Science products, it is paraben and phthalate free, and the light citrus fragrance is derived from natural essential oils.

We’re not the only ones who love the Purfection Hand Cream – it recently won a Best in Natural Beauty Award from Better Nutrition magazine! Give it a try, and I promise you’ll be amazed at how soft and smooth your hands can be!


We’re updating our look and are starting with a new Earth Science logo.  We hope you like it just as much as we do!