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Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.06.04 PMWith the winter chill settling in, we could all use a little help to renew our skin’s appearance. Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis is important because sloughing dead skin cells reveals a brighter, more even complexion. Exfoliated skin is clearer, less likely to breakout, and youthful-looking as lines and wrinkles are minimized during the process. Without exfoliation, skin can look dull and flaky.

Knowing when to exfoliate and how is dependent on skin type and preference. Earth Science Naturals offers four exfoliating options and are appropriate for varying skin types.

ES Apricot Gentle Facial ScrubFan-favorite, Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub, is a good option for sensitive, normal or normal/dry skin. Say “no thanks” to those pesky plastic beads that you’ll find in other traditional facial scrubs – our cream-based exfoliating cleanser contains only natural walnut shell granules. The natural granules remove dead surface cells and are safe to rinse down the drain. As with any bead-containing scrub, it’s imperative to gently work over the face, and to not apply excess pressure or press down on the skin. This product functions as a cleanser. Its creamy base will foam up and lather. Once rinsed, skin will be smooth, fresh and clean.

ES Gentle Skin Peel_PapayaGlycolicUnique Papaya Glycolic Gentle Skin Peel, for those with blemishes, lines or wrinkles. More like an exfoliating, purifying facial than a peel, this mud-like mask will dry taut after about 10 minutes and rinse off with water. It contains sweet almond meal and bentonite clay to help regulate oiliness and prevent breakouts. Wrinkle-reducing benefits are a result of papaya extract, glycolic and lactic acids. Use twice a week after cleansing and before toning and moisturizing. See noticeably smoother and more even-toned results after the first use. Gentle Skin Peel will help keep skin clear and youthful-looking.

05496001858Need some heavy-duty wrinkle control? A/B Hydroxy Acid Night Rejuvenator will do the trick. Whether skin is naturally dry or prematurely aging, this lightweight lotion can be applied a few times a week in the evening for deep exfoliation. Glycolic and lactic acids along with hyaluronic acid and plant oils deliver noticeable exfoliation with the hydration to stay soft and supple-looking. Additionally, a low level of salicylic acid to assist with keeping breakouts at bay. Can be used alone or underneath another moisturizer. Regular use will minimize lines, wrinkles and dryness and help slow-down future signs of aging.

webES FA Purfecting LotionLastly, our newest exfoliant, Fruit Actives Perfecting Lotion offers an exciting patented blend of fruit extracts that naturally produce glycolic, lactic and malic acids. This innovative formula has a very lightweight pleasing texture, excellent to use as a treatment moisturizer for normal and normal/oily skin in the evening. It can be applied underneath a heavier moisturizer for drier skin types as well. It is gentler than similar products, and is also a great idea for those concerned with preventative aging. Use Fruit Actives Perfecting Lotion a few evenings a week to keep wrinkles and dullness at bay.

Try exfoliating. Your skin will thank you for it, and you’ll look radiant.











We here at Earth Science Naturals love our products! We are always talking about them, writing about them and gathering feedback from our customers and colleagues. We can say a lot of fantastic things about our favorites, but thought we would share the love by featuring a couple of our favorite blog mentions:

Our Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Masque is one of our most popular products – it’s always on our top sellers list and when we’re out visiting stores, customers comment to us how they can’t get enough masque. Amber shared her experience and we couldn’t be happier: “I tried the Earth Science Olive & Avocado Hair Masque and my hair felt instantly smoother and healthier… When I got up in the morning my hair was smoother and shinier than it has been in years.”

Earth Science Review




Cori over at Well Beauty Blog wrote a descriptive and detailed review of one of our younger products, our Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion. She concluded her post with an awesome recap of this effective product: “Overall, Earth Science’s Multi-Therapy Ceramide Health Skin Lotion is awesome. It’s light but moisturizing. Since it’s fragrance free and full of vitamins and anti-inflammatories, it’s great for my sensitive skin. And, since it sinks in so fast I can use it anytime and even in the hot summer.” We’re glad to hear it, Cori!

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 11.51.21 AM



Our Cellagen Renewal Serum is designed to smooth and firm skin, and it sounds like it’s doing it’s job according to Kim: “You see it says on the box that you just need to place a few drops on fingertips and smooth into wrinkled areas or anywhere you need to “plump skin”What I didn’t expect was it to really work…I guess I am a bit jaded at times when it comes to skin care. Well guess what? It really did work! And yeah you bet I am still using it too!! I am over 50 so anything to help me not look 50 I’m game!”

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 11.51.45 AM




Thank YOU to all our fans!


Our Clarifying Herbal Astringent is an excellent toner for normal/oily and combination skin. With an effective blend of oil-free moisturizers, this toner actually corrects and balances over-active skin without over-drying. Extracts of witch hazel, sage, rosemary, horsetail, cucumber, sea kelp, and peppermint provide gentle astringency to get rid of breakouts and keep future blemishes at bay. Additionally, sulfur, camphor and zinc combine to reduce oil flow. Hyaluronic acid delivers oil-free moisture.

When using this product, you’ll notice pores look minimized due to the fact that it removes the last traces of cleansers and makeup. It also prepares the skin to be more receptive to moisture, so be sure to apply your favorite lightweight moisture to keep skin hydrated and protected!

ES_Ceramide_Lotion_16ozValuewebCheck out our new Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion in its new large, 16 ounce, size! Beautiful updated packaging and convenient pump top make this product ready for countertops and bathrooms everywhere.

Our Riceramide® blend, including rice ceramides, lecithin, and hemp oil, helps to keep skin moisturized, soft and improve its ability to stay hydrated with every use. This lotion is fragrance free, too, so it’s a gentle and nourishing option for all skin, especially very dry or damaged.

Don’t delay – order your bottle of our Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion today!

best of beautyWe’re so excited to be the best- again and again! Better Nutrition has chosen our Papaya-Glycolic Gentle Skin Peel as”Best Of” product in their Mask, Peel and Scrub category.  We couldn’t agree more with this excellent choice as this product purifies, smooths and softens the look and feel of the skin. Grab one today and find out what you’ve been missing!ES Gentle Skin Peel_PapayaGlycolic

The holiday season can be full of excitement and celebration, but also be a source of stress. Bustling about during the next few months, sometimes with less sleep and more to do than usual, can leave skin tired, dull and dry.

In addition to backing away from that extra cup o’ joe in the morning, and drinking water after evening holiday get-togethers, there are simple steps that can be taken in order to keep skin glowing throughout the holiday season.

A popular product to put to great use during the season is our Apricot Intensive Night Cream. This rich and creamy formula is our most emollient remedy to dry skin. Try a little dab as eye cream, or around the mouth (smile lines) to soften dry skin that can quickly lead to wrinkles if not moisturized properly.ES Apricot Night Cream

Speaking of moisture, it’s easy to forget about the hands (and feet!), both of which can suffer during the colder seasons. Our Purfection Hand Cream can rescue these overexposed areas – yes, even the feet! It’s made to soothe and soften stressed skin and contains a subtle, uplifting citrus fragrance.

for blog pur_hand_cream_4oz_clip

And don’t forget, the best way to make sure your skin is absorbing the most moisture possible is to regularly exfoliate! Grab the Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub a few times a week to easily keep skin clean, clear and prepared to receive maximum moisture benefits.

blog ES Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub

Cheers to the holidays and healthy, soft skin!

Fragrance Free Set.jpg

Who is the leader in fragrance free?  We are!  We know that many of our customers have specific needs and preferences due to sensitivity to fragrance.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer gentle, fragrance free options so that everyone can enjoy quality natural personal care products.

What does fragrance free mean?  A wise person once said, “everything has a smell, but a product can still be fragrance free.”  This couldn’t be truer.  Our fragrance free products do not contain any added fragrance, and certainly no masking fragrances, but can still be considered as having a “smell” due to the raw ingredients that make up their formulas.  Of course, in these fragrance free formulas, we make sure that this smell is barely there, if noticeable at all.

A couple most popular options include Liken, Unscented Deodorant; truly, a customer favorite.  This aluminum free deodorant keeps odor at bay and can be reapplied throughout the day for extra protection.  Speaking of protection, our new, skin protecting Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion may help increase ceramide production in the skin’s outermost layer, in turn improving skin’s ability to retain moisture –how about that!

Those are just two of eleven fragrance free options.  Our fragrance free products are some of our most popular. Try one today and find out why!

It can happen in a matter of hours or sometimes it seems like minutes, the dreaded blemish popping up to taunt you! And doesn’t it seem to happen right before an important event? …Like a meeting, a date or a special event where you will have to make an impression or photos will be taken? Most of us aren’t sure what to do, from popping the darn thing to covering it up with mounds of make up, we struggle to find the best solution to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

With Earth Science, you can take the natural approach to getting rid of blemishes. Bacteria on the skin causes breakouts, so in order to clear the skin we must make sure to keep it clean and get rid of existing bacteria. Our effective and gentle products diminish blemishes without the harsh, dry after effects that typical acne fighting lines can have.

Here is my favorite way to get rid new or stubborn blemishes:

Step 1:        In the evening, wash affected area with Clarifying Facial Wash.  (I usually use A-D-E Creamy Cleanser, but for zapping blemishes I keep Clarifying Facial Wash on hand).

Step 2:        Apply Mint Tingle Purifying Facial Masque directly to blemish.  Let the mask dry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3:        Remove during shower, or if you prefer, remove with mostly water and a dark colored washcloth.  (As marked on the tube of Mint Tingle, azulene can stain fabric.)

Step 4:        Tone the skin and moisturize as usual.  If your regular moisturizer is emollient or on the heavy side, don’t use too much as this isn’t helpful in getting rid of the blemish.

Our Almond Aloe Moisturizers and AAD Ginsium C Skin Lightening Cream are both excellent choices to gently pat over the area.

*Make sure not to skip the moisturizing step. A lot of people try to “dry out” their blemishes, but this usually slows down the healing process and often prolongs the life of the blemish.

The Mint Tingle Masque can be used as a spot treatment overnight once it has dried on the face. Make sure to cover your pillow/sleeping area with a towel, as the product can stain fabric.

Once the blemished area is under control, use Mint Tingle Masque about once a week to keep skin clear!

10.2013 Blog

What’s on your counter? Where do you keep your Earth Science? Have a lotion to go in the car? Shampoo and scrub in the shower? We’d love to see where you store your favorite products. Post an image on our blog by first signing into Facebook, then clicking under our blog to comment and post. We will choose two winning photos and contact you about receiving a special prize.

Enter to win our Fall Giveaway – Win 7 of our staff favorites!

While chatting about our personal favorites at the office, we decided we wanted to share them with you! We’ll select one lucky winner to receive all seven of our favorites. Just log-in from Facebook* and comment on our blog post below.  What’s your favorite?  Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook.

My current, or “new” favorite happens to be the Almond Aloe, Fragrance Free! I didn’t think it would be enough moisture for me to use on a regular basis, but I love how hydrated it makes my skin feel while leaving it with almost a matte finish. Our company’s President has always been a big fan of our Rosemary Mint Deodorant, and our Marketing staff all agree that our Papaya-Glycolic is one of our unsung heroes.

Best of luck and we look forward to your responses!

*In order to be eligible for the prize, you must comment from Facebook. Once the contest is over, we will contact the winner via Facebook and post the results on our page.

Rules and Contest Information: Only one entry per person during contest dates will be allowed.

Contest dates 9/5/13-9/30/13.