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It can happen in a matter of hours or sometimes it seems like minutes, the dreaded blemish popping up to taunt you! And doesn’t it seem to happen right before an important event? …Like a meeting, a date or a special event where you will have to make an impression or photos will be taken? Most of us aren’t sure what to do, from popping the darn thing to covering it up with mounds of make up, we struggle to find the best solution to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

With Earth Science, you can take the natural approach to getting rid of blemishes. Bacteria on the skin causes breakouts, so in order to clear the skin we must make sure to keep it clean and get rid of existing bacteria. Our effective and gentle products diminish blemishes without the harsh, dry after effects that typical acne fighting lines can have.

Here is my favorite way to get rid new or stubborn blemishes:

Step 1:        In the evening, wash affected area with Clarifying Facial Wash.  (I usually use A-D-E Creamy Cleanser, but for zapping blemishes I keep Clarifying Facial Wash on hand).

Step 2:        Apply Mint Tingle Purifying Facial Masque directly to blemish.  Let the mask dry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3:        Remove during shower, or if you prefer, remove with mostly water and a dark colored washcloth.  (As marked on the tube of Mint Tingle, azulene can stain fabric.)

Step 4:        Tone the skin and moisturize as usual.  If your regular moisturizer is emollient or on the heavy side, don’t use too much as this isn’t helpful in getting rid of the blemish.

Our Almond Aloe Moisturizers and AAD Ginsium C Skin Lightening Cream are both excellent choices to gently pat over the area.

*Make sure not to skip the moisturizing step. A lot of people try to “dry out” their blemishes, but this usually slows down the healing process and often prolongs the life of the blemish.

The Mint Tingle Masque can be used as a spot treatment overnight once it has dried on the face. Make sure to cover your pillow/sleeping area with a towel, as the product can stain fabric.

Once the blemished area is under control, use Mint Tingle Masque about once a week to keep skin clear!

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