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PrintWe all want effective skincare products that deliver the results that they promise. But for some of us, choosing products that are safe and healthy is of equal importance. Earth Science Naturals prides itself on creating clean products made from the finest natural ingredients and free of ingredients like parabens, artificial colors and artificial fragrances.

In fact, Earth Sciences Naturals’ formulas are so clean that several products have recently been approved as Premium Body Care products at Whole Foods Market (with more to come), which strives to provide its customers with truth in labeling, safer, more natural skincare products. It’s not just a nice label, though – in order to be approved as part of Whole Foods’ premium care offerings, products must meet stringent standards to ensure the highest quality.

Whole Foods’ standards cover four main areas:

1)     Results — Products that earn the premium care label must contain effective ingredients that function well and provide genuine results.

2)     Source — To guarantee that products are truly natural, they must also meet strict standards that ensure their ingredients are sourced as closely to nature as possible and minimally processed afterward.

3)     Environmental Impact — Whole Foods also considers the impact that personal care products have on the environment since many are washed down the drain where they can then enter our ground and surface waters. To meet the environmental impact standard, products must have little negative effect on the environment during both the manufacturing process and when they are released into the environment during use.

4)     Safety — Whole Foods pays particular concern to how safe the ingredients that products contain are for our bodies. As such, the products must have accurate ingredient lists; have little contamination risk; be less likely to cause allergic reactions and irritations; and have established safety data. This means that premium body care products don’t contain parabens, and only contain mild preservatives and natural fragrances.

Clearly, meeting these standards is no small feat and definitely attests to a product’s clean formula.  That’s why Earth Science Naturals is so proud of the first of many products approved as Whole Foods Premium Body Care products.  The five include the Azulene Eye Cream, Active Age Defense i-Cream, Active Age Defense Cellagen, Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion, and Purfection Hand Cream. Knowing what stringent criteria these products meet, you can absolutely feel good about incorporating them in your personal care routine.

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