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glutenfree symbol FBWe receive a lot of inquiries about gluten in our products.  This prompted us to ask the question, does gluten in personal care products pose a problem to those with a gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease?  Read on to find out.

Current scientific research considers products formulated with gluten safe for use by those with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity.  Michael F. Picco, M.D, a gastroenterologist with the Mayo Clinic asserts, “Gluten-containing skin care products and cosmetics aren’t a problem unless you accidentally swallow them. For this reason, avoid using such products on your lips or around your mouth.” He goes on to say that even a skin reaction to gluten (dermatitis herpetiformis or DH) would be caused by the ingestion of gluten, not by the topical use. (

Dr. Alessio Fasano, Medical Director of the Center for Celiac Research, University of Maryland, has found that “…the application of gluten containing products to the skin should not be a problem, unless you have skin lesions that allow gluten to be absorbed systemically in large quantities.” (

Notwithstanding these findings from the medical community, there appear to be gluten sensitive people who say they are reacting to gluten in topical application. ( In-Shampoo.htm).

It appears from the scientific evidence that most gluten sensitive consumers do not need to be concerned about gluten in personal care products, but some might still want to exercise caution.  For this reason, we will provide specific information on our website calling out “gluten-free” products for those who wish to avoid them.

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