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With the start of a New Year, comes an opportunity to make a New Year’s Resolution. Some of us think resolutions are silly, but some of us see them as a chance to improve ourselves.  When it comes to taking care of your skin, a few easy changes to an already existing facial skin care regimen can significantly improve the skin you’re in.

Let’s start by re-evaluating the basics:

1.    Drinking Lots of Water

So this isn’t the most exciting reminder, but it is important!

Water keeps the skin hydrated so it can continue to look its best. Also, remember to avoid excess caffeine as it dehydrates and can leave your skin with a dry feeling or, worse, it can emphasize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

2.     Sleep

Ah, we all want more and can’t seem to get enough! Our bodies, namely our skin, regenerate while we sleep so it is important to relax, renew and restore with adequate sleep every evening.

3.    Treat Yourself: At Home Facials

An at home facial does not have to be fancy, it can be simple yet still very effective. Try adding a mask or peel once a month to draw out impurities on normal to oily/combination skin. Peels as well as scrubs work well for smoothing and softening dry or mature skin. Check out these excellent options:

4.    Be Consistent

Washing, toning and moisturizing the skin in the morning and evening before bed is an excellent habit to have! But, in reality, not all of us have the time to do so. A helpful idea is to pick a time, morning or evening, and commit to being consistent day after day. Wash, tone and moisturize the skin to keep it hydrated, smooth and free of impurities.

5.      Reevaluate Your Products

Just as we change from year to year our skin does, too! Many factors in our daily lives can influence how our skin will react to the world around us. Questions to consider: Does my facial cleanser feel like it “cleans” enough? Am I seeing a lot of residue or makeup after using my toner? Does my face feel tight or dry and it has not in the past?

A great all-purpose, family friendly cleanser is our Fragrance Free Clarifying Facial Wash:

This scent free version is also free of harsh ingredients and contains hyaluronic acid, a very effective moisture binder, which prevents this clarifying formula from over drying.

Here is to you, the New Year and your new and improved skin!


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