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In the spring of 1981 Earth Science was founded by a leading cosmetic chemist dedicated to creating truly effective natural skin, body and hair care products without animal ingredients or testing.  His first innovation was gentle exfoliation using apricot and crushed walnut shells.  Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub is one of the most copied products in the industry, and still one of our best sellers today.  Earth Science pioneered alternative natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract and citric acid.  Our products have always been formulated without methyl and propyl parabens.  We pioneered the use of natural antioxidants like Beta-Carotene, Ginseng and Vitamin E.  Earth Science was the first to use lichen extract in deodorant, a natural anti-bacterial, creating the most gentle and effective natural deodorant on the market.  Earth Science introduced Azulene, the concentrated extract of blue chamomile flowers, to reduce skin irritations.  We were one of the first laboratories to use Hyaluronic Acid, nature’s perfect moisture binder.  Now, one of the most popular anti-aging ingredients in the mass market.

Kenneth Grand, original founder of Alba Botanica, purchased the Earth Science brand in 2002 recognizing the unique quality and value of the products.  Since the acquisition, the line has received a complete facelift, making the packaging as attractive as the ingredients.  We continue to improve the brand without jeopardizing the historical values and quality.  Today, Earth Science continues its commitment to providing clean, environmentally friendly skin, body and hair care products to a new generation.

Now a proud sponsor of, Earth Science is dedicated to supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the fight against climate change by supporting climate-friendly projects.

Earth Science cares about our customers, and about the environment we share. While so many other companies are owned by large corporate parents, we remain a family business, and we put our hearts into the products we make.  We are motivated to make a positive contribution to your life, and to our planet.

Earth Science, the science of naturally beautiful skin.

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